Charlton Motors -  Lewisville - Dallas Used Car Dealer
Charlton Motors -  Lewisville - Dallas Used Car Dealer
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Charlton Motors offers fast, friendly, no-pressure sales of Lewisville / Dallas used cars. The following customer testimonials explain why our customers keep returning to us when they need an affordable quality used car.

NOTE: Where available, the vehicle our customer purchased is listed after their name.



It has always appeared to both of us that there is something special about your business   .  .

Barbara and I have passed your dealership a hundred or more times going to our office. We noticed the fine clean automobiles you have, the cleanliness of the lot and garage area. It has always appeared to both of us that there is something special about your business.   .  . 

We called and met with Robert who was very willing to answer some of our questions and was polite and respectful. He explained in fine fashion your consignment program and your trade-in policy. In a very short time he had our attention.
As time would have it we both stopped by and met with both you and Robert. Yes, we both found that the world is a small place and we both recognized each other from the local golf course. You explained to both Barbara and I how your business operates and how we would benefit dealing with Charlton Motors. I grew up in the car business and have seen it all. Met a lot of car dealers in my 64 years. I met and dealt with a lot of sales men in both new and used cars.
As time would have it we both stopped by and met with both you and Robert. Yes, we both found that the world is a small place and we both I have been high pressured by sales managers, general managers and owners and to be honest I just hated to buy or trade cars. It was on the same plane as getting a "root canal" only worse. Your approach was honest, to the point, and straight forward. In fact, it was a pure delight and fun. This is how the car business should be, you have the magic! My wife is now driving the car she wanted, and I have found a new golfing partner. I wish you the best for the future; with your talent and the talented staff around you no doubt we will be passing your dealership for a long time to come.
George and Barbara Ricehouse
Jeep Overland
Gary Charlton Motors

I have interacted with several car dealerships and none compete with your style, compassion and integrity   .  .

I want to take this moment to share with you something that I am pretty sure you hear on a regular basis. I need you to not only read this, but take it to heart. What you are doing is truly unique   .  . 

. . . and you have a gift from God in that area that very few have. Actually none that I have run across. I have interacted with several car salesman/dealerships over my days and none, by far compete with your style, compassion and integrity. I was truly kicking myself in the back side all the way up there just knowing that I was about to have my wife and Twin babies go through a revolting situation just to make an effort to get a vehicle that would match our lifestyle. From the moment I stepped foot into your dealership I felt at ease, no pressure or sales tactics from anyone. I never heard Kyle, R.J or yourself once try and blow smoke up my rear. Sorry for the bland analogy but it was all that came to mind.
You went out of your way to not only get us approved, but to get the best loan out there without trying to force a lot of disgraceful loan terms on us. I had a couple of appalling marks on my credit in the past but I am thankful that you and our new lean holder were able to see that we have straightened those out over the past few years. Also you were enthusiastic to give us the opportunity when others would not. You are a blessing to work with and I will unquestionably be one of your greatest marketing campaigners out there. I look forward to our future experience with you when we get ready to purchase our next vehicle.
Kind regards, John (Chad) & Charla Scott
2008 Ford Expedition EL
Gary Charlton Motors

We love the van we purchased from you   .  .

THANK YOU so much for a great deal and easy transaction across state lines. Todd you made the whole trade-in with purchase smooth as silk! We found the van googling for a low mileage used van   .  . 

. . . A few people thought we were crazy buying so far from home. With all the photos, car fax and information we received we knew we were doing what was right for us.
We do not regret it all ! We received the spare key and owners manual and title in a very timely manner as well. Thank you for your professionalism and refreshingly easy van purchase!
Ginger, Alabama
Gary Charlton Motors

We were absolutely blown away when Todd did the impossible

Thanks so much for all you did to find just the right truck for us. After our accident, Dick was devastated that his truck had been totaled   .  . 

. . . He was adamant that only a truck like the one he had (same year, color, mileage, etc.) would be acceptable. After looking for two weeks day and night on the Internet, calling and e-mailing lots of dealers, and going to dealerships, we thought that our quest was a lost cause.
Dick stopped by Charlton Motors and told Todd exactly what he was looking for. We were absolutely blown away when Todd did the impossible. Within a week, he found a truck exactly like the one we had lost. Well . . . not quite exactly. It was better – same year, less mileage, immaculate interior, beautiful charcoal gray (better looking than the silver of the first truck), with no flaws on the body, with a toolbox, and window guards.

Working with you guys was great. You showed that what we wanted was important to you and that you cared about us personally. We will definitely be recommending your dealership to anyone who is looking for a vehicle. Thanks a bunch!
Dick and Karen Williams, Highland Village, TX
Gary Charlton Motors

Charlton Motors is by far the most honest car dealership I have been in.

I not only was heard on my needs and wants, they exceeded them and made it happen for me.   .  . 

. . . Each season brings change and the Holiday season was no different! Work, home, life in general has been fluid lately. With all the changes I needed to get out of the vehicle I was in. I needed to be in a vehicle more practical for a newly single mom of 2 eleven year olds. So, I hit craigslist and lo and behold I found a 2001 BMW X5 at Charlton Motors. My motor vehicular sales specialist "RJ" was awesome. The whole process was so fast and painless. It was truly the most fun and entertaining (in a good way) car buying experience I have ever been through. Large dealerships will judge and insist on money down. Charlton is family owned and operated and is by far the most honest car dealership I have been in.
I left Lewisville, with a different outlook on the entire car buying experience and truth be told a new friend was made in the process. You just can't beat that! Thank you-Again! You Guys Rock!
Stephanie Turner, Dallas, TX - 2001 BMW X5 4.4
Gary Charlton Motors

The staff is courteous and professional, it was a great experience.

Anyone thinking of purchasing a used car, check out just like I did.   .  . 

. . . I must say that purchasing my 1999 Camaro was quite an experience not only for me but also for the staff at Charlton Motors. All week brought quite an array of emotions and hard work that I knew would be well worth it. It seems almost everyone got involved, but Blake was the lead guy, who I knew in the end, would get it all together for the car I've wanted since it first came out years ago. Go to Gary Charlton Motors and see for yourself that you WILL be taken care of. You even get to meet Gary himself.
Eleanor D, Roanoke, TX - 1999 Camaro
Gary Charlton Motors

It was the best deal.

We found the car we wanted.   .  . 

. . . We found the car we wanted on the internet through Gary Charlton Motors, after looking at the amazing amount of photos posted of the car, we decided it was the one we wanted. We were able to make a deposit to hold the car as we had to drive across three states to get it. It was the best deal we could find on a Grand Prix GXP from Nebraska to Texas.
Rocky and Sarah H.- York, NE - 2008 Pontiac GXP
Gary Charlton Motors

They shoot straight and they do honest work for honest pay!

I know I got a good deal and I know where I'll buy my next car.   .  . 

. . . Okay, the short story is this. I purchased an automobile from Gary Charlton at Charlton Motors and Wanna know what didn't happen? Are you ready? The list is long! Ok so here it is.
I did not feel as though the dealer had three aces up his sleeve.
I did not feel as if no matter what I knew about the cost of the vehicle that the dealer had better information.
I did not have to play any games with numbers and screw around with amortization schedules.
I was not asked what they could do to get me in that car today.
I was not asked what kind of monthly payments I wanted (I guess the theory is…so long as I could afford the monthly a 25 year pay out would be fine?).
I did not have to wait while my new found friend (the sales person) ran to the back room to negotiate a better deal on my behalf with their nasty old boss who wasn't nearly as interested in me getting a good deal.
I did not get asked about stupid things like what color do you want in the middle of finding out what the vehicle cost (as if there were less expensive colors.)
I was not asked what do you want for your trade (in case you don't know the math is easy you want a $1000 more for your clunker just add $1000 to the purchase price of the new one).
So, you may ask, what did happen?
Well I told Gary, "yes". I can call him "Gary" because we are friends. We can be friends for lots of reasons but one good one is that friends don't take advantage of each other. Gary provided me a great service and I got a car (actually a truck, a very cool red Avalanche that I love) and when I drove away we both had what we wanted.
Just try to top that anywhere.
David C., Highland Park, TX - 2008 Avalanche LTZ
Gary Charlton Motors

By far the most positive experience I've ever had.

Charlton Motors was unquestionably the best customer service I've experienced from an auto dealership.   .  . 

. . . I'm writing to tell you what a fantastic and refreshing experience it was working with Charlton Motors on my recent car purchase. Having bought a number of cars over the years from typical auto dealerships, I began my car search with a healthy amount of skepticism.
I ended my search with a purchase from Charlton Motors, and I must tell you that it was by far the most positive experience I've ever had in purchasing a car. Your sales team was straightforward, honest, and extremely helpful. They answered all my questions and really made me comfortable throughout the shopping and buying process.
Doug H., Highland Park, TX - 2003 Mercedes E320
Gary Charlton Motors

They were very friendly & professional.

Buying from them was so smooth & easy, unlike at any big dealership.

. . . To be honest, I never thought that I would buy from a small dealership. I always thought that buying from a big dearlership was better. Gary & Blake totally proved me wrong. Buying from them was so smooth & easy, unlike at a big dealership were you never get to talk to the person in "charge," and the paperwork takes forever. They provide such great quality vehicles. I LOVE my 2005 Ford Expedition that I bought from Charlton Motors!! When it's time to buy our next vehicle, we are visiting Charlton Motors first & skipping the hassle of big dealerships! Thank you for everything guys!
Adrianna W., Hico, TX - 05 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer
Gary Charlton Motors

They showed honest interest in getting me the best car and giving me the best deal.

I never thought I would use the words "fun" or "easy" in the same sentence as car buying!   .  . 

. . . The process of car buying with Charlton is genius; you choose the type of car you want and if they don't have it they will find it. Gary and his team will make sure that the car gets delivered in a timely manner and is checked out thoroughly before it arrives. You are not confined to choose from what they have on the "lot" so the possibilities of great deals and a variety of options are endless. I absolutely LOVE my car and won't buy from anywhere else! Thank you so much Gary, Blake, and R.J!
Cathy I., Lewisville, TX - 05 Toyota Rav4L
Gary Charlton Motors

Thank you for the easiest auto purchase ever.

I will, without hesitation, recommend Charlton Motors to all my friends and associates when they are in search of a used vehicle.   .  . 

. . . I am writing this letter to thank you and Blake Schneider, my sales consultant, for the easiest and most enjoyable auto purchase I have ever experienced. Recently it was necessary for me to purchase a new (used) vehicle. I was very definite about what I was looking for and the maximum dollar I could spend on this vehicle.
I began my search on line and running Carfax reports on the potential cars I found of interest. I then traveled to the various dealerships only to find the vehicle was "just sold" or just a $1,000 above my price range. This process continued for over a month when my son-in-law told me about Charlton Motors. He explained that he trusted you completely and the vehicles you bring in are above the usual standard.
I looked at your web site and was impressed with what I read there. At that time Blake called me to find out exactly what I wanted and the dollar amount of my budget. He then began the search for vehicles matching my wish list. What a wonderful service, not only do you search for me, saving me so much of my own time, but have many different sources not available to me.
Blake found the perfect vehicle with extras above what I listed. Without any pressure, or the usual "used car salesman games" I have the perfect car and $27.50 under budget!
Lila N., Flower Mound, TX - 02 Infiniti
Gary Charlton Motors

The process was quick, easy, painless and without pressure.

It was unlike any other car buy experience I have had before. What more could you ask from a car buying experience? We would and have recommended Gary to friends and family.   .  . 

. . . My wife and I were in need of lowering one current car payment and our other car was on it's last leg. We had no idea how we were going to take care of this tremendous need. I talked to Gary Charlton at Charlton Motors and told him what we were wanting and looking for and he gave us several options for vehicle purchases. What was unique about this experience was that he allowed us to go to a wholesale website to look at vehicles from which to choose, which is much like Ebay. The other great feature was that we did not have to ask about price because the price was already posted with the complete description of each vehicle. We found what we were looking for in a matter of a few days. After both purchases were made, it ended up that we are now paying less for BOTH vehicles than for the one payment we were making before we purchased the two vehicles from Gary.
Jason W., Flower Mound, TX - 06 Chrysler Pacifica Touring
Gary Charlton Motors

He is the only person that I want to deal with.

I have bought 2 vehicles from Gary in the past year and the experience was one of the best I have ever had in purchasing vehicles.   .  . 

. . . Gary walked me through the complex steps of buying a car for my daughter and her husband who lived out of state and everything went so well and they are so pleased with the car and the value we were able to get from Gary. My second car was a used truck I wanted as a second vehicle. I purchased the truck in September and moved to Oklahoma in October. Gary was right there with me to solve issues and answer questions when I changed the title and tagged the car over in Oklahoma. It was like having an expert on retainer when I had any questions.
I expect to get service when I buy something and have been disappointed in the past with others, but I will tell you that Gary is always pleasant and solution based when I call with any questions or concerns. I appreciate that as a woman, he never dismisses my concerns or questions and follows up with me to ensure that I am clear and satisfied with my vehicles and any necessary paperwork that needs to be done. This is the only way to buy a used vehicle as far as I am concerned and he is the only person that I want to deal with.
Phyliss, Tulsa, OK - 07 Buick Enclave & 04 Ford Ranger Ext-Cab
Gary Charlton Motors

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